The Gallery

art in downtown augusta

Designed as a contemporary venue for a wide variety of exhibitions both during the Westobou Festival and throughout the year, the Westobou Gallery offers curated exhibitions by national, regional and local artists with a focus on emerging and mid-career contemporary and experimental artists.
Upcoming Exhibitions
A Lot of Things All At Once
Jennifer Onofrio Fornes, Brian McGrath + Raoul Pacheco
June 19-August 7
Past Exhibitions
Multifaceted: Art Jewelry in the South
Curated by Katie Kameen
Seeds 2019
Annual Feature of Local & Regional Artists
The Stillness You See
Hannah Ehrlich
Jordan Graves
Augusta University Senior Student Exhibition
Remember you are Dreaming
Jacki Mayo Van Dyke
SEEDS 2018
Annual Feature of Local Artists
Like a Weird Sweet Spot
Michi Meko
Valton Murray
Curated by Shannon Morris
The Eyes Have It
Augusta University Senior Student Exhibition
Sentiments & Origins
Works by Frances de la Rosa, Cynthia Farnell, Juan Alberto Negroni and Pandra Williams curated by Shannon Morris
SEEDS 2017
Annual Feature of Local Artists
Tracing Shadows
Contemporary Artworks by Annie Butrus and Yuken Teruya curated by Shannon Morris
Symbols and Allegories
Jay Jacobs
Augusta University: 5/Fifths
Senior Student Exhibition
Black White Read
Esteban Patiño curated by Shannon Morris
The Art of Printmaking
Seeds 2016
Annual Feature of Local Artists
Miru: Hope Full Soul
Staci Swider
Unseen Patterns: Jowvita Wyszomirska
Curated by Susan Laney
Constructed Realism: Works by Paul Vincent
Curated by Edward Rice
Augusta University Art Department
Senior Student Exhibition
Cinéma Grand
Curated by Matthew Buzzell
Seeds 2015
Annual Feature of Local Artists
Storyline: Wiley, Howard and Moneyhun
Curated by Susan Laney