The Gallery

art in downtown augusta

Designed as a contemporary venue for a wide variety of exhibitions both during the Westobou Festival and throughout the year, the Westobou Gallery offers curated exhibitions by national, regional and local artists with a focus on emerging and mid-career contemporary and experimental artists.
Past Exhibitions
Tracing Shadows
Contemporary Artworks by Annie Butrus and Yuken Teruya curated by Shannon Morris
Symbols and Allegories
Jay Jacobs
Augusta University: 5/Fifths
Senior Student Exhibition
Black White Read
Esteban Patiño curated by Shannon Morris
The Art of Printmaking
Seeds 2016
Annual Feature of Local Artists
Miru: Hope Full Soul
Staci Swider
Unseen Patterns: Jowvita Wyszomirska
Curated by Susan Laney
Constructed Realism: Works by Paul Vincent
Curated by Edward Rice
Augusta University Art Department
Senior Student Exhibition
Cinéma Grand
Curated by Matthew Buzzell
Seeds 2015
Annual Feature of Local Artists
Storyline: Wiley, Howard and Moneyhun
Curated by Susan Laney